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The perfect recipe for the perfect brief!

Writing a brief….

Not wanting to teach you to suck eggs, however we find that marketing teams change far more regularly than they used to these days but maintaining a consistency for your brand is of the utmost importance. We have listed below a few key points for writing that all important Stand Design Brief:

The quality and level of detail included in the brief you issue has an impact on what a designer / agency ultimately presents to you.

Selecting your creative team

Designers work across different disciplines, exhibition stand designers are experts in 3 dimensional design. Be sure to select your invited agencies based upon their talent in the correct field! It is also important not to muddy the water and invite too many into a pitch, this can become extremely time consuming for yourselves, a pre-selection process based on credentials can be a good way to manage this.

Your brief, be it for an exhibition stand or a corporate interior should clearly state your requirements.

Fundamentals to be included in your briefing document:

  • The event name, date, and venue.
  • A hall floor plan showing your stand's location, stand number, size and configuration.
  • Are there any pillars on the stand?
  • Highlight where your competitors are within the hall.
  • Aims & Objectives behind your reason for exhibiting.
  • Brand guidelines / Corporate Identity / Logo

It is useful to have an understanding of your organisation as your brief will not only be shared with your contact, but our entire creative team.

  • What is your business?
  • How long you have been established?
  • What industry sectors do you work across?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where is your Head Office based?
  • Have you exhibited previously?


Products & Demo’s

  • Will you be launching any new products?
  • List the products / kit you want to display (detailing sizes and image examples)
  • Detail any particular power requirements?

Physical Requirements

  • Will you be providing hospitality on the stand?
  • If so, what level – coffee’s / full hospitality / bar / fully catered?
  • Do you require a kitchen or Store? Please specify size and details required.
  • Do you need a meeting room/s, should this be private / semi private etc?
  • Do you require a Reception /Information Point?

Likes & Dislikes

It is equally important for your design team to understand your likes and dislikes as well as all of the above. Do you have a flooring preference, are there any particular colours to be avoided, do you require a stand attractor / hook to engage the visitors? Is there something you have seen or read about that you would like us to incorporate or a theme to follow?

Decision makers

Setting a time frame for all proposals to be returned by, and presentation dates is key. All designers love an opportunity to meet you in person to proudly present their concepts.  It is important that we know who the decision makers are from your organisation, personalities are just as important as the most creative design when planning a successful event.


A guidance from yourselves on the all important ‘budget’ is essential from the offset. Our creative team can design to any given budget, the danger with not knowing a scale to follow could mean disappointment and wasted time from both sides.